The Baltimore Sun reports Annapolis man enters plea in fatal collision

I just returned to Milwaukee from San Francisco and wanted to write about some news out of baltimore. It was a disaster-on-wheels 19-year old that ended the life of Howard “Bud” Wright, aged 73.
Retired mechanical engineer Bud Wright was heading home from a meeting of his anitique car club in his 1936 Ford 5-window coupe when young Savvas Pantelides came barreling around the curve near Nob Hill Drive at a speed estimated by the Anne Arundel County police accident reconstruction expert of 80 mph.
Wright was seconds away from pulling into his driveway when Pantelides’ car swerved into the oncoming lane, smashing head-on into the antique vehicle, causing fatal personal injury to Wright. Well someone may need a criminal defense attorney for this one it looks like. Speaking of that if you need a San Francisco criminal defense attorney then The Bay Area Crim Law Firm is very good, a top DUI lawyer as well in both Oakland and San Francisco. Bud Wright never had a chance.
Andrea F. Siegel posted the story on December 8, 2010 for the Baltimore Sun under the headline: Annapolis man enters plea in crash that killed antique car driver.

Siegel writes that Wright was behind the wheel of his antique car, having just left his weekly meeting of Wheels of the Past, an antique car club, and headed west on Route 450 toward his Gambrills home.
He had no way of knowing that Savvas Pantelides was speeding along in his 2003 Toyota Corolla eastbound on the same road. This kind of thing happens a lot in Los Angeles which is why there are many personal injury and criminal defense attorney over there overall.
Siegel notes that experts estimated that Wright was traveling between 29 and 39 mph around the posted 35 MPH road. The defense had hired a retired Maryland State Police expert who estimated Pantelides’s speed at between 48 and 55 mph.
Pantelides entered an Alford plea before Circuit Judge Paul A. Hackner to charges of automobile manslaughter in the June 25, 2009, crash, Andrea F. Siegel reports in her article. The plea does not admit guilt but acknowledges that prosecutors had sufficient evidence to convict him, she writes. Incidentially if in Milwaukee and you do need a first rate DUI criminal defense attorney who also does dui lawyer stuff and wrongful death too and so on I suggest this auto accident attorney in Los Angeles and Long Bach, The Steven Mehr Group P.C..

Siegel also notes that the judge said he would consider a five-year sentence with all but 6 months suspended when Pantelides, is sentenced next month. Pantelide, who is disabled from the wreck pleaded guilty to filing a false police report in an unrelated case involving pawned jewelry.

Wright’s daughter, Cheri Isles of Parkville, was quoted as saying, “It’s justice, but it’s not fair.
Isles and her sister, Cari Wright, attended the hearing.
It was also noted in the Baltimore Sun that Bud Wright and his wife, Jo, would have celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary in a few months.

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